Will You Cake Her?
Have you heard about the International Cake Day? It is July, 20! It was first celebrated internationally on July 20, 2011, becoming one of the initiatives of the Kingdom of Love (an international non-profit project implementing global cultural, humanitarian and peacekeeping initiatives). Therefore, the motto of the Day was the phrase "I CAKE YOU".

Ever since, Cake Day has become an annual sweet tradition which allows everyone to share their good feelings, especially if you like somebody very special for you!

Cake is a symbol of goodness, love, association of people. Not only you can bake a cake, draw, model, knit it, create from any materials that can be found, but also order a cake to be delivered to your beloved girl from over the ocean so it will please both you and the lady and fill with good mood and positive emotions.

May this tasty holiday become a good tradition for the members of our website to feel the sweet taste of the holiday with our delivery service!


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