Two bright occasions on Jan’25!
On January 25th 1755 a decree about “the establishment of the first Moscow University” was signed by Empress Elizabeth in Russia. Since that date this day has been stated as an official Day of Students and widely celebrated all over Russia and Ukraine. Students’ age is a wonderful time when we are dreamy, naive and ambitious, and it seems that each of us would want to come back to that time.

It’s also known as “Tatiana’s Day”. Holy Tatiana is martyr and a students’ patroness. Translated from Greek the name of Tatiana signifies “a person who arranges". As a result, we have a nice tradition to congratulate all ladies named Tatyana. Tanya (short for Tatyana) knows what she wants, can’t stand monotony and if she finds her happiness, especially in marriage, she’ll never let it go.

So what do we have – two holidays in one! Two bright occasions to give a present to a Lady you like. As soon as crimson and purple are the colors that symbolize the name of Tatiana, it would be preferable to give the lady the roses of red dashes. If your “sympathy” is young and still has to pass her exams two times a year – white flowers would be perfect showing her freshness and innocence. And sweets! Every lady likes them!

It’s necessary to take an advantage of every day, especially if it’s about your happiness!


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