Tatiana makes the Best Wife!
On January 25, Russia celebrates the Students' Day and congratulates all Tatianas with their Name Day.

The characteristic feature about all Tanias is their emotional side, which transforms into wisdom while getting older. Girls with such a name get very tolerant and family tends to be the most important aim in their lives. Any Tatiana is very initiative and adventurous, she is the one who doesn’t like monotony and her passion is often travelling.

Do you know that scientists and linguists still cannot agree on the etymology (origin) of the name of Tatiana. According to one of the versions, it has Latin roots - that was the name of the Sabi king Tsar Tatia (lat. Tatius). A legendary figure, who ruled Rome for some time together with the founder of the city, Romulus.

Women in the tribe of the king Tatia were given this name in honor of the founder of the legendary clan - Tatianos, which can be translated as "Mrs. of the Tatia kind". And men were given the name Tatian, that is, "the gentleman of the Tatia clan"

According to another version, the name Tatyana is translated from Greek as “organizer”, “founder”. And what version to prefer, each Tatiana decides for herself.

Who is Your Tatiana? Is she one of the girls at our website? Check in now!

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