Mother’s Day in Russia
There’s hardly a country where Mother's Day would not be celebrated.
Russian mothers received their official holiday on November 25th. It goes without saying that this day is a holiday of eternity. From generation to generation, for each person, mother is the most important person in life. By becoming a mother, a woman discovers the best qualities in herself: kindness, love, care, patience and self-sacrifice.

Every year, Mother's Day is becoming more popular in Russian society.
And this is wonderful: no matter how good, kind words we would say to our mothers, no matter how many reasons they come up with, they will not be superfluous. Your Russian girlfriend, who has her own children, will surely be pleased to receive greetings from You, perhaps, as from the father of her future children!

Not only kind words and smiles are especially beautiful and unforgettable, but also gifts and flowers that you can choose for Your Beloved One on our site in the Deliveries section.

On this day, remember to say words of gratitude to all the mothers who give children their love, care, tenderness and affection.

Just look at these beautiful women:

1) Olya from Pskov has 5 children!

2) Elena from Kerch has 4 children!

3) Julia from Sevastopol has 3 children!

4) Natalia from Simferopol has 3 children!

5) Julia from Sevastopol has 3 children!

Let us also remind our users that in most European countries, the USA, Canada, China, Japan and Ukraine, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.


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