Mother's Day at
In many countries of Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia, China and Japan, one of the brightest and kindest holidays is the Mother's Day. It is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. The date of the holiday is unique for each year. In 2019, this date is May 12th.

Surprisingly, this holiday is over a hundred years old. Although the origins of the celebration of Mother's Day, perhaps, should be sought in the holidays of spring, which the inhabitants of ancient Greece dedicated to Rea, mother of the great god Zeus.

That goes without saying that Mother's Day is one of the most touching holidays, because all of us, from childhood to our last days, carry a single and unique image in our souls - the image of our mother, who will understand everything, forgive, always love wholeheartedly despite anything.

So, on this day, men thank not only their mothers, but also their special ladies at our website, who have their own children and, possibly, will have common kids in the near future, their future wives, who can give them the joy of fatherhood.

We hope that all the ladies have a terrific Mother’s Day this year with plenty of gifts, greetings, winks and happy memories!


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