Hurry up! Maslenitsa has begun!
The 8th of March is followed by another pleasant period of time that will last for a whole week! Maslenitsa has begun! This is the last week before the Lent and a time when pancakes are served almost everywhere. A pancake is a symbol of sun and warmth. And it is really fantastic when it's accompanied by caviar or jam.
Slavs were famous for their celebrations. Nowadays people still enjoy singing songs, playing games and dancing. Rites look really exciting!

There is a tradition to visit mother-in-law these days. Her pancakes seem to be the most delicious! Marmeladies Team supposes that meeting Your Lady's parents these very days would be a perfect time and even a good sign for the future.

By the way, if you are from Europe, USA, Canada or Japan, you do not a visa to Ukraine as long as you will be there no longer than 90 days.

For instance, Ukrainian International Airlines have special offers on flights to Ukraine from different European cities and more:

Frankfurt – Kiev – €221
Brussels - Kiev - €226
Milan - Kiev - €162
Rome - Kiev - €220
Berlin - Odessa – €250
Paris - Odessa - €208
Amsterdam - Odessa - €288
Berlin - Donetsk - €231
Munich - Donetsk - €239

Dear clients! Hurry up! Do not put off the opportunity to meet Your Lady in reality and certainly to try these fabulous national delicacies.


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