Autumn is knocking at the door!
The world is closer and closer to breathe a sigh of relief as heating summer has almost come to its end! Wonderful autumn is coming! It’s time of riot of colors to adore, fresh evenings to give a hug to your lady, or even take a leave, to look around and make up your mind when you need to make next steps on your way to happiness!

Remember that 9th of September is the World’s Day of Beauty! People are rested, tanned and full of energy! But if you are not, you still have a great chance to make up for lost time and go to Munich to Oktoberfest from 18th September till 4th October. It’s a perfect place to play the field!

As for, then our main joy is your staying with us. We are glad to know that for a great number of our clients Western Union and MONEYGRAM payments have become convenient and fast way to get in touch with their ladies.

Our Marmeladies cupid team works days and nights for you to be happy, so no doubt that this Autumn will bring something much more fantastic!


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