Why Do Men Give Gifts and Flowers to Russian Women?
Nature has created a man and a woman not without a purpose. Have you ever noticed that the law of energy exchange dominates everywhere? Man and woman also obey this law. That is why once you want to get something, you need to give something first.

A man gives a seed but receives an heir. So it turns out that to realize the idea and the goal, the man needs power, and it is possible to receive it only from russian woman energetically. A russian lady is a source of power, but she can not expend power on an action, she can only give it.

How does this apply to gifts? Everything is simple, the man gives gifts, and the woman brings her gratitude, admiration (that is his energy) and he performs heroic deeds.

After the victory, the man returns to the woman and brings gifts to her. In her turn the woman says: "You are a hero! You are the best! You're a winner! What would I do without you! Next to you I feel protected! You are a real man!". And so the energy exchange takes place around the circle.

Gifts are the symbols of the thought of a loved one. After all, to make a gift, you need to think about it. The road is the thought that is reflected in the gift, not its cost and the degree of mastery of performance.

Gifts can be very diverse: for the body, for the soul, for development. Knowing the interests and dreams of a loved one, choosing a gift will be not a difficult but very exciting matter. After all, there is nothing more pleasant than seeing the eyes of the person closest to you shining with happiness. And much more joy is received by the one who gives, and not the one who receives the gift.


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