What Should You Know about Correspondence Style with Russian Bride?
The more similar style of correspondence you have with a Russian girl, the higher your chances for a happy future! Here is a study that will make you look at correspondence with the ladies in a fresh new way.

Researchers at the University of Pace in New York once again decided to facilitate our personal life through science. A study conducted by Jonathan Ohadi, Brandon Brown, Leora Trab and Lisa Rosenthal and published in the journal "Computers and Human Behavior" was aimed at revealing the connection between the style of writing messages that modern communication can't be imagined without, and the level of happiness in a couple.

The study involved 205 Americans aged 18 - 29 years. Each of them went to a hefty pile of personal tests that helped scientists not only learn the nature, habits and level of happiness in the respondents' attitude, but also their manner of correspondence. By "manner of corresponding" such factors as frequency of correspondence, the motivation for it and, of course, style were meant.

It quickly became clear that those respondents who considered themselves to be happy in a relationship had the same style of correspondence as their partners. In other words, if you like to write to a girl once in half an hour for no reason, just to share a hilarious sticker, and she prefers to write only on business and once every two years, then you are unlikely to be happy together.

Special attention should be given to the style of correspondence. Thus, the lack of literacy in the messages of one of the partners can shake the second's confidence that this is exactly the one he or she wants to be with, of course, if the second partner is a champion of literate writing. Well, if you both write with errors and do not feel shy, everything will be fine for you.


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