What is similar about color lipstick and the character of your Russian Bride?
Why does someone choose bright colors, and why does someone feel stunning even with a simple lip balm? Another way to get to know better a girl from Marmeladies.com dating site!

NUDE. The natural shade of lipstick indicates confidence and self-acceptance. If natural shades are an integral part of your girl’s everyday outfit, then she certainly doesn’t care about the opinion of others and you know that you can attract her attention with your charisma and strong character!

Classic RED is the choice of courageous and ambitious girls. They are characterized by a slight narcissism, but she always knows how to suppress this feature in time if she feels that it is inappropriate. The choice of a classic shade also emphasizes the stability and reliability of your chosen one.

PINK is the color of romance and tenderness. Girls who love such lipsticks are distinguished by special soulfulness and the ability to empathy. Girls with pink lips are feminine but know when to be firm.

BROWN. This color is chosen by calm and discreet girls. This shade speaks of some secrecy and even coldness, but along with this fans of brown lipsticks are prone to nostalgia and adventurism. Gaining her trust will not be easy but if the you succeed you will become good friends with her for many years;)

MAROON shades. Until Bordeaux became a constant trend of autumn, only mysterious girls who valued solitude and personal space decided to use this shade. If your lady prefers dark colors, then most likely she appreciates her secrets and the secrets of other people, so you can reveal any secret to her because she will keep it safe ;)

VIOLET. Such a non-standard shade is preferred by girls who are used to weigh everything. She does not have too many friends, but she is 100% sure of them. People around appreciate her courage and admire her strong character.


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