What is love to a beautiful Russian girl?
Every Russian and Ukrainian girl is looking for true love, mutual, one and for the whole life. Nowadays it happens extremely rarely, it is something unique. Women more than men are unsatisfied with their life. More often they ask questions like: Why cannot I find my soul mate? What does love disappear so soon? Well, the experience of my friends shows that a foreign girl can be very tender or a real bitch and anyway they may be equally unhappy. Happiness in love does not depend on your qualities. What we take for love at the beginning of relations is only passion driven by sex hormones. But when passion cools down and routine comes on the first place, some concessions, “love” also disappears, as more pleasant impressions are substituted with less pleasant ones. Has love never existed? Love doesn’t exist in the meaning of some attraction of bodies. It is the union of souls, when you understand your Russian wife as yourself, when her grief and happiness become yours, when we don’t do harm on purpose.


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