What is happiness for hot Russian brides and how to create it
What is happiness for women? Nowadays European women have equal rights with men. And the relations have a more functional character. Every Russian lady is free to make decisions and choose whether to devote herself to the family or science, art, and literature. Both choices are right. Both bring personal satisfaction. O dating agencies you will most probably come across profile of women looking for marriage and thinking of family in the first place. Happiness being a subjective phenomenon differs from one Russian woman to another. So if a survey is made among Russian ladies to most probable answers will say that happiness is:
-to get married successfully
- be together with a beloved man
- to live a calm steady life without scandals and betrayals
-be loved and feel needed
- be independent
Happiness is not a goal. It’s inside us, in our hands and we are the creators of our own life.


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