The best Reason to Attend Spain with Russian Girlfriend in April
St. George's Day or the San Jordi holiday in Spain is a very symbolic and revered holiday, in particular, for Barcelona and all Catalonia. This fiesta is usually considered to be the day of books, roses and love. Isn't it a great chance to have a date there with your Russian bride?

Every year on April 23, Catalans celebrate the day of all lovers, known in Spain as San Jordi, and named after the saint patron of Catalonia. This holiday is reminiscent of the famous St. Valentine's Day all over the world.

The history of St. George's Day in Spain is associated with a beautiful legend and it begins in the distant IV century. As the old legend says, in the small Catalan city of Mont Blanc, the evil dragon horrified the locals. To calm the anger of the monster, the inhabitants had to sacrifice jewelry, animals or even people. One day the lot fell on the king's daughter and the king offered the hand and heart of the princess to the one who will save her. St. George fought with a monster and defeated him with his spear. On the place where the blood was shed, rose garden grew and Saint George presented to the princess the most beautiful of them.

Since then, the Day of the Lovers in Spain can not take place without such attributes as roses. According to ancient tradition, since XV century it has become customary to give roses to beloved women, and the books to the men.

Every year on the day of lovers Barcelona turns into one of the most beautiful and romantic places. On the holiday of Sant Jordi, Barcelona is buried in flowers, and there are book fairs.
The Barcelona boulevard of La Rambla turns into the main center of second-hand books. In addition to numerous shops with book products, tents with flowers open on Sant Jordi in Spain. And La Rambla turns into a large greenhouse with flowers.


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