The age difference between spouses who met on a dating site
To make a list of the reasons why Russian girls on dating sites rely on the older generation, we will say a few words about the Electra complex, sexual dissatisfaction, and female mercantile spirit.

1) If you dive deeper into the psychological background, you can learn about the Electra complex. It is the reason why women choose men older than themselves.
The fact is that they not only want the chosen one to remind them of their father. They want to play the role of a daughter so that the spouse is a patron, and a sponsor, and a tutor, and a protector in one bottle. In one word - “daddy”.

2) High-quality sex. Russian and Ukrainian girls in their twenties are not too spoiled by caress. But even they understand that a fast-moving, inexperienced, fussy student will someday be better.
When he grows up, he will learn to give women pleasure and forget about youthful egoism and haste.
But do girls want to wait ten years, to instruct, educate and become a “rabbit for experiments”? It’s much easier to have a mature lover and enjoy life now.

3) Do not exclude another common reason: the desire to come to all found. This is often blamed on young girls, seducing fathers of families and other married men. Here two vectors converge.
A man who has entered an era of midlife crisis begins to look for freshness and inspiration somewhere else. He wants to be interesting, strong, young and desirable, a kind of hero of female dreams.
And the young lady matures in her decision to get a valuable specimen and not to waste her energy on nurturing some youth.
It is believed that the faithful and patient brides of ordinary soldiers become the wives of the generals.
But just think: in order to bring your peer to the level of an average businessman, to save money to buy your house, car, and to travel you will have to spend tons of energy!

In the case of having a mature partner, there is an opportunity to get everything at once, without stuffing bumps about “paradise in a hut”.
Therefore, commercialism, even if subconscious, is present in this choice. On the other hand, many girls agree to marry an adult who has child support on his shoulders, mortgage debt, several loans and the role of the “weekend dad” and very often Russian and Ukrainian girls become the best support for such a man.
Here, only one word comes to mind - Love.


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