Teacher? Doctor? Boss? Who is your Slavic woman?
Do you know that October is full of professional holidays and you shouldn’t miss any of them not to hurt your beautiful hot sexy girl?

- The day of the Boss
October 16 people of the world celebrate the day of the boss. it is necessary to remember that the leader is a professional in this day. Do you know what work without rest means? Responsibility for every step, for every word, for the welfare of people subordinate to him or her. And more it is necessary to remember that the executive is, above all, a person. But just remembering is not enough. A holiday is always an occasion to present a gift to the boss, and express respect, and gratitude, an interesting gift that your leader will certainly appreciate!

- Teacher’s day
Teacher's Day is a professional holiday for all education workers. It is a holiday that has long gone beyond the official date. On the day of the teacher, any teacher, whether a kindergarten teacher, a high school teacher or a university teacher, is in the spotlight. Teacher's Day is celebrated by teachers and parents. The role of a teacher in the life of society cannot be overestimated.
To accept congratulations on this day most often belongs to Russian women because they make up about 85% of school teachers.

- Doctor’s Day
On the initiative of the World Health Organization, on the first Monday of October, the International Day of the Doctor is celebrated. It is a day of solidarity and active action of doctors all over the world. No need to say about the importance of this profession, just greet your Slavic bride who is a doctor.


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