Some things Russian wives do not like
Sexuality of women is a fine instrument and some things can easily spoil it.
For example a man comes to the doctor and complains that his woman is frigid. But then the foreign wife comes to the doctor and it turns out she is not frigid. She is simply afraid of intimate relations. According to the opinion of sexologists fears spoil the intimate life of every third European woman.
One of the most common fears is the perspective of having sex with lights on. Any Russian, Ukrainian or European girl is afraid the man will notice the imperfections of her body. Cellulite, imperfect breasts after breast-feeding. Make your Russian woman feel comfortable, light candles and every night will be perfect.
A lot of Russian brides are worried about not getting pregnant. And it is something you can control.
Sometimes Russian girls may feel some discomfort due to different reasons. And the more attentive you are, the better.


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