Simple compliments to melt the heart of your Mail-Order Bride
An important weapon from the men's arsenal is compliments. All the girls, and we are interested in Russian and Ukrainian ones, become kind and gentle if a man says gentle words.

"You're merry!"
It was believed that women do not have a sense of humor. The admission that she can make someone laugh or be funny will bribe a Russian girl. Do not be afraid to praise her sense of humor, laugh at a joke or a funny word.

“You are not like everyone else”
There is a subtle nuance. Not different from “other Russian girls that I met here on the site,” but “all the other people.” You should compare girls not with other girls, but with the whole world. Such uniqueness is attractive and very pleasant. The girl understands that she is found interesting and unusual. Something special was seen in her among millions of other people. Believe me, after such words, many girls will be ready to leap with joy and want to hear such words again.

“You know, it's nice to spend time with you ..”
It implies her company in chatting and communication in letters on the site. For a Slavic girl, such a compliment is a recognition of many female qualities. She is wonderful and funny, and interesting. Your Russian girl will see that her company is appreciated. Simple words, but they will melt the heart of any companion.

“You are very kind/smart/reliable”
Assessment of external qualities is excellent, but Slavic girls need to know that they are valued not only for their beauty. Every girl is pleased to hear that she has a strong character, a kind soul, and prominent intellectual capabilities. Try to feel the right moment and make predictions with one of these compliments. Each girl will be pleased if she is called good and reliable.

It is not for no reason that there is an expression that girls love with ears. Listen to our advice and your relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian beauty will develop more rapidly!


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