Online chemistry
The word "chemistry" in relation to the couple can be heard in the film industry. “They have on-screen chemistry” - this was how they talked about something invisible and intangible between the two actors, some additional imperceptible miracle that made the couple suddenly attractive. About magic, which you would want to relate to, which was pleasant to watch. Now we are much more likely to hear "chemistry" in relation to sexual attraction.

People often confuse "chemistry" and "compatibility". Meanwhile, these are different concepts. We are compatible when we profess the same values, we want something similar, we follow similar principles, and we match each other in terms of education and culture. For example, one interesting study found that overlap in language usage and vocabulary choice can be a good predictor of couple compatibility: 80% of couples whose language was similar in the early stages of online correspondence continued dating after three months.

Most of us, especially if we are reflective, can predict future compatibility with a fair amount of confidence and early enough: if your girlfriend does not like dogs, refuses to sleep in tents, is subscribed to the Philosophical Society, eats steaks with red wine and prefers to sleep in the morning, a vegan teetotaler who wants to walk two retrievers at five in the morning and who “has skis by the stove” is unlikely to suit her. Tea or coffee, cats or dogs, sea or mountains, Somerset Maugham or William Shakespeare - the collective mind has long noticed this. Some of these questions are critical: for example, couples who do not match in their desire to have children have a 100 percent chance of divorce in the first six years after the birth of a child. Other discrepancies can be compensated by compromises and agreements. One thing is clear: for long-term relationships, especially those in poverty and wealth, in sickness and in health, we must be compatible.

Chemistry, on the other hand, turns out to be a much less predictable and understandable factor. It is difficult to describe it in words: “electric discharge”, “inexplicable attraction”, “spark”, “magnetism”, something beyond self-control. Goosebumps from the seen photo, the reaction of the body, which is impossible not to notice, often occurring before the first “hello”, but when looking at a profile on a dating site.

We once again advise you to be detailed and sincere in your profile data, then the probability of meeting your true soul mate increases significantly!


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