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It is the way of man that even in the most difficult moments of his life he does not lose hope for the best. No matter what winds of change and storms of troubles do not try to destroy everything around them, but if there is something in the heart that is worth living for, the soul will be able to endure. One of these unshakable pillars on which human life rests is love. So it is not surprising that for centuries this beautiful feeling has been sung by poets, portrayed by artists and sculptors.

Moreover, there are scientific studies that prove that during the period of being in love, a very good hormonal background appears in the human body, which positively affects thinking processes, normalizes the psychological state, eliminates stress and phobias, and even increases immunity. Scientists have done brain studies in people in a period of intense love and in people who use strong narcotic substances. Interestingly, the results of these studies were identical.

One often hears that love has no age limit. This is correct in principle, but I would like to make a few clarifications. If a person is capable of falling in love, he can indeed do so at any age. However, simple statistics show that, as a rule, there are two highest peaks of activity. These are adolescence and the period from 40 to 50 years old. With young people it is simple. Free, unencumbered people who are psychologically oriented toward finding new relationships. They consciously or subconsciously look for opportunities to fall in love and, of course, find them. After the creation of a family, a person's priorities change, new concerns appear, responsibility for the family, children, the desire to make a career, to achieve a certain social status, etc.

After 40 the life of the person leaves on a new coil. Children become independent, there are certain achievements in career, social status, etc. And at this time the person begins to understand that old age is approaching, and there are still so many unexplored and undiscovered things in life. Along with this comes the desire to regain youth, and it is love that can do this.

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