Know How to Celebrate Halloween in Ukraine with your Girlfriend
In Ukraine, Halloween has been celebrated since recently because for most Ukrainians, unlike Americans, All Saints' Day does not have any special symbolic meaning, but it is still a great opportunity to spend an unusual evening, fool around and get pissed off "legally."

However, once you ask your Ukrainian bride about celebration atmosphere, she will surely confirm that the scope of the holiday is already noticeable: the decoration of offices (sometimes even the competitions take place, who will decorate better), schools, shops, shopping centers, pumpkin-lanterns increase every year. In the menu of the cafe, there are pumpkin pies. And many institutions arrange movie nights with horror films or animated cartoons in the same style.

October 31 there is a great number of masquerade parties. And in Transcarpathia, Halloween has become the official weekend! But so far Ukrainian people don't conduct the parade of evils, as in New York, and the kids do not go from house to house with the slogan "trick or treat".

But, nevertheless, the atmosphere of Halloween is still felt. For example, in Kiev, they arrange theme discos, races of evil spirits and even master classes on carving pumpkins! In addition, students have such an excuse to make a costume and makeup more terrible, and they won't miss such a chance. Girls on Halloween do not miss the opportunity to read the fortunes for the future and on wealth. Halloween is a masquerade ball for those who are ready for new acquaintances and fun. Will you join your Ukraine girlfriend for the celebration?


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