How to start a conversation with a Russian woman
Millions of men all over the world are thinking how to start a conversation with a beautiful Russian lady, because you cannot produce the first impression twice. If you want to start a conversation with a hot foreign bride, the simplest advice is to be direct. Look for something in the girl’s profile that would be a great reason to approach her. It may be her profession or her hobby. Is she fond of travelling? Ask the foreign lady what places she has already visited and where she would like to travel together. If the profile is not filled and there is nothing to start a conversation with, a letter starting with a compliment would also work. If the woman answers very briefly, ask her if she is interested in relations or she was just busy or something. Don’t give up easily if you really like the woman.
And don’t think over the conversation too much, the more you think about it the more you will build it up in your head as a “big deal”.


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