How to pay unforgettable compliments to hot single Russian girls
In our mad world people no longer realize the deeds of such people as Kazanova or Don Juan. These names have sunk into oblivion. But they are worth remembering. There are several principles helping to hold the attention of any Russian bride. To pay a nice compliment and obtain the desired reaction is the real art!
Be sincere. You should talk so that the Russian lady doesn’t doubt your words. Longing look and a sincere smile will prove your say what you think. Imagine you are already in love with the hot woman from Russia.
Never answer “Thank you for the compliment” with commonplace remarks. Better say you are just stating a fact and “Thank you” is a mere compensation for contemplating a miracle.
Never use clichés read on the Internet or pick up books. They give only examples of compliments, so don’t learn them by heart. Your single Russian mail order bride will feel falseness.


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