Has your Ukraine Girl seen John Lewis Christmas Advert?
Be sure your Russian woman or Girl from Ukraine have never heard about John Lewis. Maybe some of them have seen one of John Lewis Christmas Advert, but, of course, not all of them.

With the approach of New Year holidays, most well-known brands launch bright advertising campaigns designed to instill the spirit of Christmas, to remind of love, friendship, and the most cherished desires.

Monster Moz is a new Christmas movie that will not leave you indifferent. And he does not force his guests to wait long. Every year, all the inhabitants of England, decorating their homes with garlands and fir-trees, are eagerly awaiting a new story from Mr. John Lewis. A chic festive fairy tale with an absolutely original story is already ready for Christmas 2017.

Once the boy and the monster Moz met, and after that the life of both changed. A beautiful short film "Moz The Monster" tells the story of a little boy and monster Moz, who lives under his bed.

The boy, who still did not have a chance to sleep, decided to make friends with a new friend. The boy ceased to sleep properly, as the monster all the time prevented him from crashing, snoring, moaning, and even indecent fart. But soon the boy began to fall asleep in class, and on the street. Friends felt very cool together: they played, had fun, told funny stories. The monster understood that he prevented the boy from sleeping and decided to leave him.
This surprise put an end to the friendship of the boy and Moz. Having woken up at Christmas, the kid found under the tree a gift from his secret friend.

This two-minute story was shot by the director of the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" Michel Gondry.

The soundtrack was the classic song Beatles, "Golden Slumbers" from the album Abbey Road 1969, recorded by the rock band Elbow.


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