Five Most Famous Russian Women Named Tatyana
Have you ever heard about Tatyana's Day in Russia that is celebrated January 25? This is the date of the Student's Day in Russia and St. Tatyana is a patroness of students.
Tatyana (Tatiana) or Tanya is a very popular name of Russian women and of course, there is great number of famous Russian girls with this name.

Tanya #1 is Tanechka from the poem by Agniya Barto. This Tatiana has been known to all Russian and Ukrainian girls since childhood. The difficult fate of one of the most famous literary heroines is described by Barto. The girl threw her ball into the river and cried till the end of the poem.

Tatyana Larina is another star of Russian literature. All the girls and women know by heart her letter to Onegin. Perhaps, she can be called the most popular Tatiana in Russia. This heroine lives almost 183 years and her glory does not fade. Pushkin's Tatiana is the most important Russian Tatiana. She is the most recognizable and most important image of a melancholic Russian girl. We all remember that Tatiana is Russian soul. Until now, she is the standard of purity and charm, the most romantic heroine in Russian culture.

Tatyana Kuzminskaya
This woman became the prototype of one of the most famous and recognizable heroines of Russian literature. Tatyana Kuzminskaya was the prototype of Natasha Rostova in the novel "War and Peace".

Tatiana Romanova
The Grand Duchess, who was subjected to martyr's death and was consecrated the saints with the family, had an amazing beauty. She was somewhat similar to Tatiana Larina and was named in her honor. Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich explained this choice in his diary: "I heard from the Tsar that his daughters were called Olga and Tatiana so that it would be like in Pushkin's Onegin."

Tatyana Tarasova
Honored trainer of the USSR, Tatyana Tarasova brought up a huge number of champions and winners of various prestigious figure skating competitions. Among her students are Irina Rodnina, Alexander Zaitsev, Alexey Yagudin, Oksana Grischuk and others.


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