Does your girlfriend practice winter swimming?
Every year Orthodox believers celebrate a big holiday - the Baptism of the Lord, the day when the Son of God received the Sacrament in the Jordan River.

The date is always the same - January 19th. Water in an ice hole on such a day is considered sacred, capable of purifying souls and bodies, as well as healing from any disease. Many Slavic girls observe the tradition of swimming in the ice-hole for Epiphany. Ask your girlfriend at how she personally feels about this. Have you tried plunging into ice water yourself?

See what processes are triggered by the body:

- The body experiences a cold shock, as a result, adrenaline is released, the vessels of external tissues are sharply narrowed. After a short time, the vessels relax. Increased blood flow leads to the effective elimination of - toxins, toxins, pesticides, radionuclides, nitrates. The tone of the veins increases.

- Water at an “uncomfortable” temperature stimulates the additional production of testosterone and estrogen. And people with high libido are more confident, energetic and rarely suffer from a bad mood.

- Endorphin influx. All sports make us happier, and swimming in cold water is no exception - it increases stress tolerance and serves as a pain reliever - the release of endorphins increases the pain threshold, and we feel much better.
Starting metabolic processes and fat burning processes helps weight loss.

- There is a weakening of the positive charge of the body, which creates conditions for the multiplication of some bacteria. And dousing (or immersion) in cold water helps to neutralize them by charging the body with negative ions.

- In the blood, the number of red blood cells and leukocytes increases.

- The body's resistance to radioactive radiation is also strengthened, its radiation immunity is mobilized and activated.

If your girlfriend looks great, feels good, and is full of strength and energy, then most likely she practices winter swimming. If not yet, then it's time to start. This can be a good family tradition!


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