Do you know that the year of the Yellow Earth Dog has come just recently?
Though it is still February, real Spring Festival was conducted in China to meet the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. Do you know that Russian Girls and Ukraine ladies believe Chinese horoscopes and they were waiting for the moment to celebrate the yellow dog coming impatiently?

For the one and half billion people, the new year came only February 16. The "Spring Festival" in East Asia is a much more grandiose event than the world New Year January 1. At the birthplace of the holiday in the Middle Kingdom, this it the time of bright street performances, music shows and a cycle of gifts.

These unusual pedestrians in the streets of Harbin bring the message to passers-by: the Spring Festival will come very soon. Penguins from the polar aquarium were dressed in traditional costumes and were set off for a whole pre-New Year tour around the northern cities of the country.

New Year on the lunar calendar from China to Singapore and the Chinese quarter in New York is always a noisy and colorful show. Something like a Brazilian carnival, but with its Asian flavor. The fairs and processions are held on the streets, and the symbol of the coming year is burned. This time it is the "Straw Dog".

The main presentation of the country takes place in Beijing. It's 4.5 hours of songs, acrobatics, martial arts and theater consisting of 1,500 actors. This year American and African guests and the ensemble "Berezka" from Moscow for the first time on the stage. By the way, it has been invited to China with the performance for a very long time.

The first two weeks of the new year, the Chinese spend in festive vanity to visit each other, eat delicacies and buy the items at countless fairs. The holiday of the lanterns will be ended on March 2.

So once you're planning some unusual trip with your Russian Bride you can attend this beautiful holiday in the beginning of March.


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