Atomic Blonde Facts About World Blondes Day Celebrated by European Brides
Russian ladies, as well as Ukraine women, are fond of blond hair color. Moreover, there is a great number of Slavic girls who have natural fair hair. The World Blondes Day is celebrated annually the last day of spring, May 31.

This bright holiday was founded in the USA in 2001. Then it was organized by the American Union of Lawyers, appointing the "National Day of Blondes" on July 9.
Women-lawyers decided to fight for their rights by organizing various women's clubs and organizations around the country. Later this idea was picked up by the world and since 2006 blondes celebrate their holiday on May 31.

There is also another unofficial version of the origin of the Day of Blondes, which is associated with the cinema. In 2001, the movie "The Blonde in the Law", based on the book of the same name by the daughter of the lawyer and the owner of the art gallery Amanda Brown, appeared on the big screens. The film was released on June 26, and then July 9 was announced the holiday of blondes. Later the date of the celebration was moved to a more symbolic one - May 31, the last day of spring.

Note that in many countries there are great parades of blondes. In Ukraine, for example, a large parade traditionally takes place in Odessa. Ukrainian blond women gather in Primorsky Boulevard and arrange a small procession. Girls usually dress brightly, preferring pink tones and catchy make-up.

In neighboring Belarus, this day also does not pass unnoticed. The day of blondes symbolizes joy, good mood, and early summer. Belarusian beauties gather near the famous Minsk National Library and go to the Svisloch quay. Many townspeople wear light wigs in support of the holiday.

Latvian Riga also hosts a large parade in the central streets of the city. Traditionally, girls dress in pink clothes, diluting with white and red tones. In Latvia, there is an association of blondes, whose goal is "spreading positive emotions to public".

Note that genuine blonde people in our time are quite a rare phenomenon. Scientists report that over the past half-century the number of blond people has declined from 49 to 14 percent of the total number of inhabitants of the Earth. And according to disappointing forecasts, as early as 2202, blondes will disappear altogether in the world. And the last person with blond hair will be born in Finland, where the largest number of blonde people per capita lives.


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