3 factors that can end your relationship
Some people are lucky enough to have a relationship with one partner throughout their lives, while others are in perpetual search. And if you want your union with a girl from abroad to last a lifetime there are 3 factors that we need to get rid of. Once these forms of behavior are left behind, you can have a successful marriage or a romantic relationship.

Let's discuss impatience first. The development of instant food, instant services, and instant everything has made our life easier and more convenient, but at the same time all this has developed one destructive behavioral pattern that can make any intimacy miserable, and this is instant self-satisfaction.

Remember that good comes to those who practice patience and perseverance. There are some things that we need to work hard on, that we need to sweat on, because the reward is beyond our comprehension, and this includes relationships. Relationships that spawn online in services like ours just imply such patience. Here, and time-saving of course, because you don’t go anywhere, you meet in the internet. But you have distance between you and the reunion will take time.

The second characteristic that can make any relationship miserable is immaturity, especially emotional. Emotional immaturity is the inability of one person in a relationship to sympathy. They throw off their problems on a partner.

When one or both people are emotionally immature, then there is no chance for a relationship to flourish. Romantic unity needs understanding, listening, open communication and respect in order to flourish, and all this cannot be done if a person is emotionally immature.

The last factor that can put an end to your relationship with your future Russian wife in an instant is self-centeredness or the “I am the first” attitude. You are self-centered when you firmly believe that your needs are more important than anyone else’s in your family. You think that if your needs don’t come first, then the relationship does not work. You see nothing wrong with taking advantage of the love and care of people who love you while you get what you want. In a situation where you need to bring a girl to your country and everything here will be new for her, try to support her as much as possible. If she sees you as a real partner, she will surely become your faithful companion forever.

Marriage needs constant care and attention, it needs selflessness and deep trust. If you see yourself in one or all of these behaviors, don't worry, you can still change everything. If it’s difficult for you to change something, ask for help from the only one with whom you plan to spend your whole life and with whom you have already begun to build relationships on the network.


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