The Velvet Season!
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We could say that the summer is coming to its end and we feel pity, but – we should never forget about the velvet season! The velvet atmosphere of September will bring you only joy and relaxation.

Madeira Wine Festival in Portugal that starts at the August 31 will give you not only this feeling, but the taste! It’s a traditional time of grapes’ harvest and glorification of viniculture.

Another captivating event connected with the harvest is the Onam Festival in India. It starts on Sept’1 and lasts for almost 10 days. The celebration is really unforgettable! It’s a tradition to make decisions and promises this day – be more kind to each other, honest, loving and patient. As for decorations, people make carpets of flowers on their threshold! No doubt the picture will amaze you!!

But let’s not forget that the beginning of velvet season is also a start of a new school year! Do you remember that time? It was hard and exiting at the same time! Great number of ladies are already mothers and this time is full of preparation and other concerns. Support your mail order bride with kind words of care in your messages and she’ll highly appreciate it.

But if school problems are not still actual, then look at the map and make your choice where you can hold your hands together and live this life at full scale! It’s right time to make real steps!


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