Orthodox Easter - April'15
Dear Friends!

The time of Holy Orthodox Easter has come! The sever fast is coming to its end on 15th of April.
Russian and Ukrainian people love Easter holiday – this is the time when whole family meets, people go to each other’s home, give painted eggs and cakes, play Easter games. The most famous Easter game is ‘Knocking’, when children and adults choose Easter eggs and knock them one on another.

This spring holidays bring much inspiration and joy! As a sign of attention, a great number of ladies are getting cakes and chocolates with the help of the Delivery Service at Marmeladies.com. Great choice for your lady to taste sweets and to feel cared!

Wishing you all an Easter filled
with favorite traditions
and happy new memories,
but most of all, an Easter
that renews your faith,
uplifts your spirit,
and fills your heart with joy and LOVE!....


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