Happy Easter Everyone!
Usually Orthodox and Catholic Easter is celebrated on different days, though in 2017 it coincided. In 2018 the Bright Resurrection of Christ - the Orthodox Easter will be celebrated on April 8, and the Catholic Easter - on April 1. It is observed in such countries as the USA, the Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, France, Italy, Switzerland and other Catholic countries. In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Easter holiday is celebrated a week later according to Gregorian calendar.

Easter is special time for joy, hope and soul warmth within the close circle of friends and family. It’s time to be thankful for what we have and for everything that future has in store for us. Marmeladies.com wishes you Happy Easter! Let us remind you to wish your Slavic Orthodox mail order bride a Happy Easter on 8 of April and send her a symbolic gift from Our Easter Delivery Specials!


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