Flower Parade in Crimea
Dear Gentlemen!

Do you know about Crimean peninsula in Ukraine? It’s one of the places worth to be seen and explored! Picturesque landscapes of mountains and sea coast are fabulous! Different fairytale events take place each season. April is not an exception!

April 15 till May 1 Spring Flower parade is taking place! Over 150 sorts of tulips will be blossoming during two weeks at the territory of well-known Nikitskyi Botanical Garden located at the south coast of Crimea. The event is really fantastic! One of the most romantic moments of Tulip parade is voting for the best sort of this spring flower.

Crimean ladies – those from Simpheropol, Yalta, Sevastopol, Alushta, Kerch – would be happy if you could arrange a meeting these days! No matter what you’ll feel– pure tulips’ aroma or the aroma of real strong relations – you’ll have an unforgettable time there!


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