First date - Likes and Dislikes of Russian Ladies
In summer the number of meetings with ladies increases significantly. We polled 100 ladies who had their meetings with men from The major issue was “First date - likes and dislikes from the lady’s point of view”. We give the results of the Poll that will make your first date more successful as we hope. Do not forget that First Date is absolutely like First impression so it means a lot.

The ladies DO NOT like:
- When a man smokes without asking her if she doesn’t mind.
- When a man keeps silence all the time or vise versa is too talkative.
- When a man discusses former relationship and speaks unkindly about ex
partners at once.
- When a man gazes after every lady passing by.
- When a man speaks disrespectfully about the country the lady lives in;

Te ladies DO like:
- When a man makes compliments about the way she looks;
- When a man remembers her letters and is interested in how her friends
are doing;
- When communication is natural and easy;
- When a man does not behave the way they are together for good.
Correspondence differs greatly from real meeting so remember that ladies like attention;
- When a man is eager to meet relatives and friends of her;
- When a man shows interest in her city and her style of life.

Dating Russian bride do not forget that Russian woman is a REAL woman, beautiful lady who loves to be treated like the only woman on this planet, so be attentive, do not forget about flowers for your first date and be charming to attract your Russian girl forever!


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