A Dozen Curious Facts about 8th March
It’s common known that 8th March – the International Women’s Day – has become absolutely the most popular and beloved holiday of nearly every woman! This is the day when each lady can enjoy getting flowers and gifts from men. No secret this holiday dates back to the beginning of 20th century when Clara Zetkin was the pioneer to support the striking women in New York and thus was involved in the foundation of this annual celebration of Women’s Day worldwide. Did you also know that:

1. 8th March has been established as an official holiday since 1913.
2. The first Women’s Day in the USA was celebrated on 28 February 1909.
3. The first International Women’s Day occurred on March 19 in 1911 in countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland and was a big success.
4. International Women’s Day has become an official public holiday in many countries since 2000.
5. It’s a tradition on this day to send gifts and flowers to any lady not depending on her age or social position.
6. They first celebrated Women’s Day in Australia on 19 March 1911.
7. In 2013 it was 100s anniversary of Women’s Day.
8. Since 1956 it has become an official day off in many countries.
9. Some analogues of this holiday were found in the history of Ancient Rome.
10. Nowadays this holiday is celebrated in 31 countries officially.
11. Germans first celebrated this day in 1911.
12. Chocolates and flowers are the most popular gifts for the 8th of March.


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