8 July - Russian Day of Family, Love and Fidelity
On July 8 Russia celebrates the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity annually since it was first celebrated in 2008, which was declared the year of the family. This holiday in Russia was established on the initiative of the deputies of the State Duma. Curiously, the initiative to celebrate Family Day is supported by all traditional religious organizations of Russia - after all the idea of celebrating Family Day, love and fidelity has no confessional borders.

The new family holiday also has a very delicate symbol - chamomile, because this field flower was considered from time immemorial in Russia as a symbol of love.

That goes without saying that this date is a wonderful occasion for the whole family to gather and show special concern for their relatives and friends. After all, this warm holiday is welcome in any home, so it is so easy for anybody to join and celebrate. Get ready and the Love and Happiness will knock on your door soon with MarmeLadies.com!

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