10 Most Beautiful Teachers Are Waiting For You!
Teacher's Day is coming! This is a professional holiday for teachers of all educational institutions. In Ukraine, Teacher's Day is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of October, and in Russia, as in the world, on October 5. The profession of a teacher requires great dedication and knowledge and is connected with students of different ages - from first graders to graduates of universities.

What is the main task of the teacher? Not only to present knowledge in the proper volume ... But also to teach how to manage it, apply it in the direction that is predetermined by fate and inclinations of each pupil. Each teacher serves the granite of science under the most delicious sauce, and many of our users would like to return to their desks to listen to the lessons of these teachers from our sites, right?!
Perhaps these girls have excellent lessons for you personally?

Why don’t you try to contact one of these wonderful ladies searching for their Love? Send them congratulations on Teacher's Day and your best wishes! Let their work never be boring and never have to be sad! May there be order in personal life, may good people meet more often, and there will always be a reason to smile truly happily! Can one of them become Your Teacher of Happiness?

1. Nina from Simferopol
2. Alyona from Sevastopol
3. Nina from Saint-Petersburg
4. Nina from Alushta
5. Nataliya from Pskov
6. Juliya from Saint-Petersburg
7. Olga from Polohy
8. Galina from Kiev
9. Olga from Kirovograd
10. Oksana from Zhytomyr


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