What phrases your Russian bride finds annoying?
To please the Russian bride a man should use compliments in his speech and guess her desires. But often a man, unwillingly, hurts her. The most annoying phrases from a men for Russian brides are:

1. "Now"/ “At once”. This universal male answer, I think, is familiar to all women. Men love to answer any request with it, not realizing that their "now" can last forever or never come. During this time, the dinner that the Russian bride so diligently cooked or heated can cool down, and even worse - patience can run out and the mood can completely deteriorate. Instead of the word now, it is better to use such synonyms of this word as "I am already coming!"

2. "Let's just see." The most common male response to a woman's request to visit her parents, to go to the movies or to a women's clothing store. They cannot refuse the request, because they know that it will be tantamount to admitting: "Your problems do not interest me any more." Men also cannot agree to go where they do not want to go immediately. So they answer requests with a modest word: "We'll see." Some men avoid direct answers with phrases: "I'll think about it" or "Let's talk about it tomorrow." In fact, he no longer thinks about anything and the next day he tries to bypass this topic of conversation.

3. "Ok". "Well, how did you go on a business trip? - Ok. Do you think this dress suits me? - Ok. How are you? - Ok." Saying the word "Ok" men themselves do not understand that they unconsciously hurt women's pride. After all, the Russian bride wants so much to be aware of her man's affairs, to hear compliments and to enjoy the joint communication, and the short answer from one word: "Ok" creates a serious obstacle to all this. It is even worse if the man is silent all the time, believing that this is how he can express his agreement with the woman's opinion. For a woman, silence is a manifestation of indifference.

4. "And my ex did this ...". Do not compare us with someone, and even more so with an ex-girlfriend. And you don't have to repeat every time at the table that such and such a star of show business looks great. The most painful phrases for women are those that remind her of being overweight.

Be sensitive to your significant other and you will receive a loving wife and a loyal friend in return.


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