Top Suitable Gifts to Russian Lady According To Her Zodiac Sign for the Fire Rooster Year
Despite the cheerful disposition, the Rooster is scrupulous and he loves precision, bordering with pedantry. The Rooster suggests choosing the gifts according to the signs of the zodiac, that suit astral personality most of all. Check who your Russian bride is according to the star signs, and use ideas recommended by red bird.

Aries: leather briefcase, wallet; jewelry, USB flash drive; something of office appliances; certificate in the SPA or beauty salon; training course of interest; day trip, excursion.

Taurus: sets for needlework, painting and other forms of creativity; Tickets to the exhibition or the Prime Minister, to a gym, in the pool, for a massage; master classes.

Gemini: ultra-modern gadget; fancy appliance; a visit to the secular ball; dance course, horse riding, extreme driving; hang-gliding or skydiving.

Cancer: modern appliances; fluffy blanket, cozy bathrobes, soft slippers; home waterfall; training for self-development.

Leo: Tickets to the warm country or resort; home trainer; set of aromatic oils; subscription to yoga or Pilates.

Virgo: useful accessories for the car; bicycle or rollers; tablet, smart phone; a comfortable and fashionable pair of shoes.

Libra: fashionable bag; stylish cufflinks or a brooch; exquisite perfume; vintage wines and brandies; antiques and works of authorship.

Scorpio: shopping with a stylist; memorable photo shoot; sea cruise, river cruise; balloon flight; original alarm clock.

Sagittarius: desk lamp, night light; a set of china; functional coffee machine; gourmet tea or alcohol.

Capricorn: tickets to the ballet or the opera; participation in any quest; bright silk scarf; any thing in the original, colorful packaging.

Aquarius: glassware; fashionable clothes; Jewelry; quality leather accessories.

Pisces: solid wallet, housekeeper, business card; exclusive chess or backgammon; a set of cigars, pipes, snuff elite; expensive sports equipment; handmade cosmetics.


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