Top Reasons to Plan Your November Vacation With Your Russian Girlfriend
Are you planning to meet your Russian Girl for the first time this November? Great choice, we believe! November is traditionally considered to be the month of the "low season", and it is quite undeserved. First, children have their school holidays, an excellent occasion for joint trips by the whole family. Secondly, when enough time has passed after the summer vacation, winter and slush are already on the way, and it's still far to the New Year holidays - it's time to change the situation, recharge solar heat, vitamins, and fresh impressions at least temporarily. In this case, airlines usually offer their best prices in November, and hotels, restaurants, and museums are pleased with a variety of discounts and special programs.

In many European countries in November the weather is not very different from the Russian one and it does not have to take sunbathing. In November, the velvet season begins in Egypt, when the exhausting heat is replaced by warm sunny days, and the calm sea has a pleasant rest.

The choice of directions for a trip to the warm regions in November is really great. It can be Mauritius, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates or Tunisia - each of the countries in its own way is unique, and each can offer excellent weather, magnificent beaches, a rich excursion program and developed infrastructure.

To get a visa for a trip in November usually isn't a problem, there should not be queues in consulates and visa centers. However, if you are unwilling to deal with formalities, especially for arranging children's trips for a vacation, then there is a fairly extensive list of visa-free countries. Schoolchildren should be interested in visiting castles and fortresses in Belarus and Ukraine. Good weather can be found on the beaches of Egypt and Israel. For long trips, you can choose Cuba, Dominican Republic, Thailand or Morocco. In terms of weather, November may not be the most ideal for travel to Hong Kong and Macao, but the prices there may be significantly lower than usual.


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