Six laws of love to a beautiful Russian girl
Psychologists have made a list of rules that can help maintain or improve the relations with a foreign wife.
1. You should know what your foreign penpal thinks of your relations. We think you don’t want to fall in love with a mailorderbride who is not sincere with you…
2. Don’t mix up love and sex. Very often at the beginning of communication people mistakenly take sex and passion for love.
3. You should know what you are looking for in relations and tell it sincerely to your partner. Most men and women are afraid to speak of their desires and try to hide them.
4. You should be a team aiming at one goal.
5. Learn to respect your Russian wife with all her differences from you. There are no identical people. And that makes life interesting.
6. But don’t put up with drawbacks of the bride from Russia. If you cannot stand something, say it frankly to the girl. Ask her to explain the reasons of her behavior. This way you will come to some understanding.


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