Signs that your Russian girlfriend is a good house-wife
Good housewives are not born with their skills, they learn them, and they do it only when there is a desire to create a cozy atmosphere in the house and have unforgettable and warm family evenings. Although we cannot but admit that this is in the blood of Russian girls, too. So, what are the characteristics of a good housewife?

There are many women's handbooks, which prescribe with particular care every responsibility of a housekeeper. However, a good housewife does not bother herself with boring reading but knows a few secrets that help her to keep her family and home in perfect condition.

Everything is quite simple: you need to test yourself. What qualities and character traits are there for an ideal home economics, and what else will you have to work on? With a strong desire, you can always become an excellent hostess.

A smart Russian hostess keeps track of her expenses and income. She always knows exactly how much was spent on what and does not complain about the fact that money have the insidious habit of disappearing without a trace. That is why she always has funds, and she will not borrow them before her paycheck.
A good Russian hostess should be able to clearly manage her time. Only a planned daily routine will allow her to have time for everything and devote at least 30 minutes to herself. She should not be a driven squirrel in a wheel, because every woman has other, more interesting and important roles, besides being the cook and housekeeper.

Shopping to lay up goods in store is also a smart move of the hostess, it is economical and does not cause a huge amount of daily hassle. In addition, when planning a fairly large purchase, money are set aside in advance.
A good hostess is able to quickly set a table with delicious meals if guests come unexpectedly, she always has several quick, mouth-watering dishes in her arsenal. In addition, a good Russian hostess is well versed in household supplies, and the husband of an intelligent hostess gets a hot dinner and a kind word.

Regular house cleaning is something that every housewife should do. For this a certain day of a week is allocated so that cleaning does not happen from time to time. A smart housewife will always enthrall all family members with cleaning.

But remember that the most exemplary hostess can sometimes let herself to be lazy and go completely against all the rules. Do not scold her, but rather invite her to dinner at a restaurant and spend a romantic evening together!


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