Secrets of attracting Russian girls
Confidence is one of the keys to attracting Russian ladies. But you should keep the balance of your confidence so that it is appealing, but not too much. Not having confidence may crash your chances of attracting a beautiful foreign girl, but being self-confident is not better.
To obtain the right amount of confidence keep in mind the following:
Be outgoing. Don’t think that hot Russian girls will be fond of a guy who is quiet and reserved at the first date. It will make your communication awkward and uneasy.
Keep eye contact, looking away from time to time in the natural way. Ability to hold eye contact will show you are self-confident and secure.
And of course you need practice. Feeling confident on a date with a nice Russian girl is something you can learn. More dates will make you feel at easy and turn you into a master, so that any single girl from Russia will dream of a date with you.


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