Love horoscope for 2020
Those who seek love in 2020 should take the initiative. The love horoscope for the year of the Rat states: the image of a princess in a tower or a prince waiting at her foot is not in trend. In the year of the Rat, princesses themselves should fight off the dragons and go to the place of congregation of princes to choose the most suitable one, and not the one brought by a crazy white horse.

Well, the princes who are in search should in 2020 entice the girls they like not with a sparkle of lat or a new “apple”, but with something more useful for life. Shoot partridges or offer real help instead of castles in the air.

For Rat it is important that the love relationship is the rear. This is only possible if you are starting a family. The rat does not approve of betrayal, relationships without obligations, but welcomes weddings, the birth of children. In her year, the chances of giving birth to twins and triplets increase! If you are planning a wedding for 2020, you are very lucky, because it is in the year of the Rat that long-lived marriages are made.

It's time to start preparing for a meeting with your mail-order bride, which in all likelihood can end with a wedding and long years of a happy life together. Do not waste your time! Start living for real in 2019!


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