How To Spend All Saints' Day Fun And Unforgettable With Girl From Moscow
On the eve of the most mystical and mysterious night of the year, you and your Moscow Bride can get lost in the abundance of outfits and entertainment. We'll tell you how fun and unforgettable Halloween is.

The night of all the saints has been celebrated for more than a hundred years, and during this time, fashion trends, world outlook, and costumes changed.

Preparing for Halloween
All Saints' Day is very popular all over the world, especially in English-speaking countries. In Russia, interest to this holiday grows every year: Russian women prepare in advance for Halloween, sew costumes and decorate houses, hold themed parties. In clubs and restaurants, special programs are prepared, shops with traditional attributes are opened. You can search for how to become the coolest scrambled eggs, make a Jack Lantern and discover your destiny.

What to cook for Halloween
One of the most important ingredients of all the holidays is refreshments. And treats for Halloween must be special and creepy. We know how to turn the head of a witch, tear off her fingers, catch a ghost, roll up a mummy, make monsters and bats.

Halloween at work
If Halloween is not for you an occasion for unrestrained fun and all the more weekend, spend an unforgettable day at work. Decorate the office with cobwebs and spiders, prepare awesome dishes and do not forget about contests and entertainment.

Halloween Parties
What a Halloween without parties! Since All Saints' Day in 2017 fell on Tuesday, the capital's clubs are waiting for their visitors on October 28 and 29. So Once you're in Moscow this days, have fund with your Russian woman.


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