Healthy choice when eating in restaurants with a Russian wife
If you feel a bit out of form, but don’t really want to go on a diet, there are some tips you should remember to lose some weight. One of them is to make healthy choice when eating out. If you are dating a Russian girl, then you must have noticed that they prefer healthy lifestyle and nutritious food. So to be on the level, keep the following in mind.
When you finish the main course, say the waiter you will not have any dessert not to be even shown the menu. Ask the salads and sauces to be served separately. So you will control how much you put on your food. Eat steamed vegetables. If you and your Russian wife are at a buffet, put only three things on your plate to avoid eating more than you need. Avoid pastries and deep-fried dishes.
Don’t eat bread and in general start eating after your woman from Russia and be the first to stop eating.


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