Flirting and dating. Russian girls adore it
Flirting and dating are wonderful games all Russian girls are fond of. Men and women are so much different, that it is often difficult to understand each other.
Here are some rules for you to play an interesting dating game with a hot Russian bride.
Russian girls prefer strong and decisive men, they look for a strong shoulder to lean on.
No Russian lady will stand the game with a poor personal hygiene or bad breath.
It is always great to play with a man who pays compliments and is attentive to the girl’s new dress or something else.
Russian women have antipathy to men who are boastful or pretend to be someone they are not in real life.
And when you notice the following signals, be able to decipher them:
Russian women express affection by touch, for example on the shoulder or your hand.
Arms crossed on the chest mean hostility, at least the girl doesn’t agree with you, or maybe she even expresses aggression.
A Russian bride touching the glass edge sends you a sexual signal.


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