A dinner party for your Russian girl
It seems pretty easy to organize a dinner party for your Russian bride. Well, nevertheless there are some secrets of a successful party almost no one know about. Some things can really make a big picture.
For example use doilies on dessert plates when serving a piece of cake. People find that colored napkins are more relaxing than white ones.
Use carafe instead of a pitcher. So there will be less chance of spillage and it will occupy less room on the table. Wrap a napkin around the bottle to catch the over pour.
Cool entertaining can cost a lot of money, so start with small and simple. Invite people you and your Russian lady will feel comfortable with, so you won’t have to impress them.
To make the table look brighter out fresh cut flowers in a nicely decorated vase in the center. However if the smell of the flowers is strong, take it out when meal is served.
And the most important is not to choose quality over quantity. Don’t try to impress your woman from Russia and guests with food, you will simply quickly run out of it. That is, make sure there is enough of it on the table.


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