3 Things that Russian women want from men
If you ask men what all women still want, 80% of them will answer: “money!”. But it’s not true! Modern Russian women want from men the same things that their distant ancestors wanted.

And what did prehistoric women want?
Then women paid attention to physically strong and healthy men who could hunt, bring prey, carry heavy loads and protect the woman and her offspring.
Of course, inflated muscles are a very good bonus, but now is not the time when we need to hunt mammoths.

So how should a modern breader look like?
Ambitious, intelligent, motivated and purposeful.
For a Russian woman, the main thing is that her man can provide and protect. Men may not have money now, for a woman it is much more important to see the potential in a man and the ability to "get a mammoth".

1 Love
Women love with ears, so you need to express your love to her every day and in various forms. Just compliments are enough. After all, women perceive compliments as a small declaration of love. Gifts can also be perceived as a declaration of love, so do not forget to give flowers to your beloved women.

2 Kindness
Ancient women shunned cruel men because the good and generous provided them and offspring with protection and food, which increased their chances of survival. Genetic memory is a powerful thing, so you need to show a sincere interest in your mail-order bride, and show her your emotions, at least partially.

3 Responsibility
A man who is not afraid of responsibility and obligations today confirms in this way that he will continue to take care of his woman in the future, and will share with her responsibility not only for creating but also for growing the future generation up.

So dear men, if you are able to give these 4 elementary things, then any girl from Marmeladies.com will be with you.


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