The Ladies’ Name Day in July
Do you know what your name means and where it came from? Name is a combination of letters that distinguishes us from others and unites us. First name is believed to determine our behavior and the whole life! Have you ever though what does your lady’s name mean? You can start to find it out from the Ladies’ Name Day in July.

July 21 – TATIANA - by one of the versions, the name is of Greek origin - "Host, founder of" - a lover of home canning, thrifty. She often initiates repairs, alterations, rearrangements of furniture. She does not like to complain about her life to others. Jealous, but stubbornly conceal her jealousy. She can’t stand the monotony, her passion - long-distance travels and trips.

July 24 – OLGA - the name is borrowed from the Scandinavian languages, comes from the name of Helga - "Sacred". Olga will be faithful as a wife. She loves going to the cinema or at the exhibition together with her husband or children. Olga is fond of housekeeping and she won't put up with any advice of you, so it is not worth the trouble to tell her what to do about the house!

July 24 - ELENA - the name of Greek origin – “Bright, selected”. She creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the family. Homebody and a caring mother. She's waiting for the full commitment, sensitive about the fact that robs her husband - friends, work, hobbies.

July 25 - MARIA - the name is of Hebraic origin – “Bitter, beloved, stubborn". She is always ready to help people. She is faithful but once you want your relationship to be warmer and more genuine you have to have at least one child. Maria is a devoted mother who gives herself to her children utterly and completely.

July 29 - JULIA – feminine form of Roman name Julius - "Curly", "woolly". She is a good cook, knows how to create a stock of pickles, jams, canned goods. She is always happy to have guests, and not only feed them tasty, but also gives an opportunity to speak your mind.

July 29– VALENTINA - translated from the Latin - "Healthy". Valentina is fully dipped. All the time she dedicates to her husband and children. She likes to have guests, and she always has her feet loose.
When she makes a visit to somebody, be sure she’ll try to help the hostess.

So now you know a bit more about your lady, don’t you? Try to learn more and don’t forget to make the Name day a holiday for her! And remember that chemistry of feelings is something deeper…


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