Marriage certificate and Name Days in September
So you are happy and ready to marry the lady of your dreams.
Wedding flurry and euphoria… Haven’t we lost something? What about marriage contract? Have you thought of it?

Do you know that first contracts were concluded thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece and Rome and problems of privity and inheritance were already discussed?

This practice isn’t so wide spread and popular in Russian and Ukrainian speaking countries of today. One of the reasons is lack of information because newly-married couple refuses even to think about divorce and its consequences. And the other one is that the marriage contract seems to be a first sign of distrust of husband and wife to each other.

We would advise you to find the right words to discuss this important matter and to persuade your lady to make this important step.
According to the statistics of metropolises about 1500 “mixed” couples enter into marriage each year. Hopefully each of them won’t ever need it, but who knows… Marriage is a union where you need to feel safe and respected!

Dear gentlemen, those who have only started their search, don’t forget to congratulate ladies with their Ladies’ Name Day in September

September 22 – Anna

September 29 - Ludmila

September 30 – Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov, Sofia – This is also a great religious holiday of Orthodox! Ask your lady about it and you’ll know more!

Dear Customers, don’t loose your time! Make decisions and steps! team is doing their best in order to assist you but it is YOU who is an architect of your own fortunes!


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